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Baker McKenzie

“Thank you Shona! It was a fantastic session and I really enjoyed it from beginning to end. We’ve being receiving such great feedback after the session too. Quite a few of my friends and colleagues who attended having been raving about how useful and relatable the session was. I think it really hit home for a lot of us and I personally have taken away a lot of good tips to put into practice. So thank you again for such a wonderful and informative session.”
Rebecca Tan
Senior Associate, Baker McKenzie

Royal Bank of Scotland

“We recently used Shona at a national Area Manager event and the subsequent feedback was probably the best I have seen. Her delivery was positive, engaging and energised the entire audience. Such was the success of this event, I am aware of at least 3 Regional Directors who have used her at their own Regional Conferences and I would certainly want to at my next one. As well as her stage activities, Shona also circulates monthly communications, which again have had hugely positive feedback.”
Andy Warren
Regional Director, Private Banking & Advice

Engineers Australia

“Internationally acclaimed Mindset Consultant SHONA ROWAN lit up Engineers Australia with a crash course in “How to Stand out From the Crowd” as a part of our #festivaloffreshideas. The energy was electric and it was great to see everyone leaving the event with a confident swagger in their step. Would highly recommend Shona for any Industry, sector and organisation.”
Adam Nelson
National Team Leader, Membership Growth at Engineers Australia

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

“Shona kicked off our Women’s Leadership Summit and she was the perfect person to do so. Hosting conferences in the virtual environment is a difficult challenge and Shona made it look effortless. She provided an engaging session that was full of energy, not to mention it was the middle of the night for her as she’s based in Australia and we’re in the US. Shona provided action items and tips to over 200 of our female attorneys and we received a lot of positive feedback from her session. I highly recommend Shona for your speaking engagement and look forward to working with her on future endeavours.”
Jullia Carretta
Professional Development & Diversity

Baker McKenzie

“Shona ran a session for our ‘BakerWomen’ community on how to “Step Up and Stand Out from the Crowd”, and have impact, influence and visibility. It was such an engaging, motivational and inspiring session! The session was delivered via Zoom and Shona’s warmth, authenticity, positivity and energy definitely shone through. The engaging presentation, thoughtful content and meaningful practical exercises made it one of the best sessions I have experienced in the last few years! We all left the session feeling truly motivated to stop playing small, increase our personal impact and presence, and implement our personal action plans!”
Natalie Mascarenhas
Talent Management Consultant, Baker McKenzie


“I really enjoyed the Career and Success Acceleration program! The way you delivered it and really made us really think about things at a deeper level – I found it quite mind-blowing actually – so thanks so much Shona!”
Jaga Namebeley
Manager, ATCO


“We were delighted to have Shona run a session on communicating with confidence and credibility at Sackers. The session was energetic, interactive and informative, and the feedback from our lawyers has been overwhelmingly positive. It was particularly well-tailored to our business thanks to the amount of preparation Shona did in advance, speaking to us and refining the key messages and objectives.”
Elizabeth Nolan,
Business Development Manager, Sackers

Women in Energy

“Thank you Shona Rowan for a highly-engaging and practical presentation on Personal Impact, Influence and Visibility! There were lots of take home tips that we can implement immediately. Looking forward to the next event!”
Mel Stein,
Manager of Contracts, RPS

DLA Piper

“We invited Shona Rowan to deliver her keynote presentation ‘The Psychology of Successful Women’ in three of our offices in Australia. The event was a great success, our clients and staff were very impressed with Shona and found her to be an engaging presenter. In fact some of our clients were so impressed they too have reached out to work with her.”
Kirsten Duncan
Learning & Development Manager, DLA Piper

Totum Partners

“Just wanted to say thank you for coming in today to give us such an amazing workshop on Being Seen and Being Heard! I enjoyed it so much and found it really fascinating.”
Catherine Young
Totum Partners, London

Gold fields

“We had Shona deliver her workshop ‘The Psychology of Successful Women’ at our regional head office and our mining operations recently. The response from our employees has been extremely positive. The male participants have been great advocates for the training and our female employees feel supported and empowered. We can’t thank you enough for the positive impact you have made to our workforce, for both males and females!”
Rochelle Chakrabarti
HR Manager


“I attended one of Shona’s personal branding workshops last year and was pleasantly surprised at how many ‘uh huh’ moments I had! Labelling the imposter syndrome and learning how to tackle it has been a game changer. Shona is genuine and authentic and really engages with everyone attending her workshops. The fact that her workshops are sold out speaks volumes on how she is making a difference, and creating an impact. Catch her If you can!”
Bindi Shah, AEMO

Royal Bank of Scotland

“Shona’s ‘Inspiring Peak Performance’ program was one of the most enjoyable and thought provoking courses I have been on during my 25yrs in Financial Services. Shona has a real desire to add value and makes things seem so simple “why wouldn’t you want to do it that way”. I took some great ideas and implemented them in my business with immediate results from improved sales performance to higher levels of staff engagement. We also had a follow up session which further embedded my learns, hence I would certainly recommend Shona’s ‘Performance Consulting’ to any leader or business.”
Brian Cunningham
Area Director

“There is no doubt that Shona Rowan is one of the most positive and upbeat individuals that you will meet. Shona delivered a fantastic session on Personal Branding and Competing in a Competitive Environment at one of our internal networking events. The entire audience were engaged from the outset and the energy in the room was palpable from start to finish. Our members really enjoyed the session and all took something away. I highly recommend Shona as a professional and inspirational speaker.”
Karen Lintott
Global Learning, Human Resources

“When Shona spoke at our national conference, I was completely unprepared for my reaction. Having listened to countless ‘motivational speakers’ over the years; this was the first time I’d experienced the entire audience hanging on someone’s every word. I knew straight away that I wanted Shona to speak for our Glasgow based networking forum called Connections. Again in Glasgow she blew everyone away and delivered another outstanding presentation! Thanks Shona! Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and everyone came away feeling the same way I did. I’m confident that Shona can make a difference to any company, group or individual in search of better results!”
Jenny Mahaffey
Area Manager, Scotland

“Without a doubt Fantastic!! The best course I have been on in 20 years in the industry!”
Simon Lidbury
Area Director


“At Tata Global Beverages, we’re striving to drive a high performance culture. Shona has facilitated Inspiring Peak Performance workshops targeting people managers across our EMEA region to really ‘sharpen the saw’ in terms of their key management skills. The feedback we received from delegates was fantastic – Shona is a high energy and hugely engaging facilitator with the ability to get great interaction from groups of managers at all levels, different functions and cultures. Based on the feedback we received, we’re now moving to a second phase of workshops encouraging our people to take charge of their personal development and accelerate their success!”
Suzanne Watts
EMEA HR Director, Tata Global Beverages

Royal Bank of Scotland

“I was introduced to Shona via a colleague in the UK. We initially piloted the workshop with one of my teams, focusing on developing a strong performance culture based on belief and behaviours. Following the initial series of workshops and internal follow up sessions, my team started the journey of improved performance. The team have continued to develop and deliver and importantly sustain this since that initial workshop almost 12 months ago. Shona’s drive, energy and relentless focus and passion for what she believes continues to support my business as we roll out the program across the wider team.”
Ashley Taylor
Executive Director, Premium Banking

The Law Society of WA

“Thank you so much for your energy, enthusiasm and sharing of knowledge at The Law Society yesterday. I have already looked at your handout this morning to remind myself of some of the great learnings you covered in your workshop!”
Lauren Kollosche,
Manager Professional Development, The Law Society of WA


“At Lavan we are passionate about supporting and promoting women in the law and women in business. These values are also reflected in Shona’s approach to high performance coaching. Shona’s approach is dynamic and her expertise is evident by the manner in which she can focus on those areas of your performance that is needed to assist you to transition to a new level of excellence. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shona, which has resulted in my improved work performance, improved leadership qualities and my ability to attract and retain great clients in an authentic manner. I highly recommend Shona’s services.”
Cinzia Donald
Partner, Lavan

Lockton Middle East

“We recently launched a ‘Women in Leadership’ initiative within Lockton in the Middle East region and we wanted to kick it off with a workshop which would help the development of our future female leaders here at Lockton. Shona tailor-made a session to suit our particular requirements and was attentive to every detail. The afternoon was dynamic, fun and extremely informative. It was highly appreciated by the diverse range of females in the room. Shona is clearly extremely passionate about this subject and that passion was addictive. I would highly recommend her to any other company wanting to invest in their females – she will definitely exceed expectations.”
Lama Sweis


“The Career Acceleration Program has given me lots of highly practical leadership learnings and a chance to spend time with other great leaders in the organization. I highly recommend Shona Rowan’s course!”
Mylene Delos Reyes
Senior Master Data Specialist

Royal Bank of Scotland

“I first met Shona about 3 years ago and was immediately struck by her energy, enthusiasm, positive attitude and determined approach. With her training and coaching you come away filled with confidence, positive energy and self-belief. She has a very real authentic approach which works well with audiences small or large. The combination of a highly trained psychologist together with her passion to help people, provides for a complete package.”
Sean Longsdale
Regional Managing Director, Corporate & Institutional Banking

“Shona Rowan has delivered several personal development workshops for our RBS Focused Women’s network. Shona is an amazing facilitator and very inspirational role model. Her workshops are filled with tools and techniques for peak performance in the workplace, she constantly engages with the audience and includes a lot of practical exercises. The feedback from our members is always extremely positive! I would highly recommend Shona’s workshops to any organisation that harnesses inspirational leadership and looking for a high calibre facilitator to deliver tailored sessions on performance enhancement.”
Anastasia Petrova
Corporate & Institutional Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

Imdex Limited

“Shona ran a workshop for us at our IMDEXWOMEN-EQ forum which was very well attended and received plenty of positive feedback from the participants! Shona is an excellent presenter that is engaging, dynamic, candid and funny. She gave our attendees many practical tools and techniques to accelerate their personal and professional success and our group was grateful to gain such useful insights. Thank you, Shona!”
Sarah Standish, General Counsel

Australian Institute of Management WA

“Shona, thanks so much on behalf of the AIM WA team for your excellent presentation to our members last night. Your energy was exceptional and the information and practical tips and tools to change mindset for success were really useful and well-delivered. It’s been great to work with you on this event.”
Director of Professional Services

Ernst & Young

“Shona was the key note speaker at our coaching conference in November. Her talk on ‘The Psychology of Success’ was the highlight of the day. Shona has synthesised techniques from NLP and personal development into a very practical yet incredibly powerful session that electrifies the audience. Shona has an amazing personal energy that literally fills the room; I witnessed the fantastically positive impact that this had on those present. At the same time everyone left the session with some clear steps that they were committed to take towards achieving their goals.”
Ian Paterson

Allens and WIMWA

“What a fun evening of speed networking and meeting other mining industry professionals. Thank you Shona Rowan – you were fantastic in taking a full room through a practical session to help us build strong and supportive professional networks and meet a range of new contacts.”

Charlotte Chapman
Business Development and Marketing, RPS, Australia


“I have worked with Shona recently on the International Women’s Day events that Citi hosted in London. We put together 2 fantastic sessions; one an invitation only senior management breakfast on “Managing Through Adversity” and a second lunchtime ‘open to all session’ on “Managing Your Career in an Ever Changing Corporate Environment”. Both were very well attended and we had super feedback on both! Shona’s delivery style is very enthusiastic, polished and professional. She delivers an excellent service to her clients and we are looking forward to working with her further.”
Joanna Guthrie
Human Resources

“Shona has delivered two fantastic sessions for us within our “Step Out Stand Out” program! She exudes such positive energy and gives such practical advice that at each session everyone came away with something that they could either put into practice straight away or an idea of how they could do something differently. These sessions are aimed at a very mixed audience and Shona managed to enthuse and make the sessions real to everyone who attended both in person and over the video links which sent the session to between 15 and 20 countries across the EMEA.”
Carol Stuart


“My team at NatWest have worked with Shona over the last 2 years, and each one of her sessions has been inspiring and extremely motivational, not just for the moment, but really for the long term. Shona spoke at 2 of our regional conferences and then tailor made training sessions directed at personal branding and first impressions, all of which have made a huge difference to the overall confidence, impact and professionalism of my team.”
Sam Keen
Area Manager

“I really loved the 2 days Psychology of Client Relations Course. Inspiring and brilliant! Great to get to know the team more too. Shona is fantastic, upbeat, engaging – a brilliant trainer, presenter and coach!”
Lisa Maddox
Intermediary Solutions

Shell International

“Thank you so much for your ‘live and kicking’ event at Shell Centre earlier this week – you were nothing short of amazing! Your energy, desire to share your success and sheer ability to enthuse life and action into the audience members was really inspiring.”
Rash Patel
Joint Venture Co-ordinator

“Shona’s presentation proved to be a huge success among the Shell Women’s Network attendees. Her practical tips, her engaging presentation, as well as the interactive exercises were very well received. In fact, one and a half hours was just too short! The audience left motivated and in high spirits, ready to get out there and practice speaking in public!”
Annelie Kohl
Shell Women’s Network

Royal Bank of Scotland

“Without a doubt fantastic!! The best course I have been on in 20 years in the industry!”
Simon Lidbury,
Area Manager, RBS


“The energy and passion Shona brings to the room is infectious! I have never seen an audience so engaged and inspired. Truly awesome!”
Paul Northgate
Area Sales Manager, NatWest Private Banking

“Shona’s knowledge and genuine enthusiasm on her subject matter is both captivating and infectious to the audience. Her unique approach as a Psychologist has made her an invaluable asset to NatWest.”
Steve Bacon
Area Sales Manager, NatWest London

Housing Industry Association

I had the pleasure of attending the HIA Jason Windows Building Women event recently and was immensely impressed with Shona Rowan’s interactive presentation on Imposter Syndrome. Her talk was full of relevant and practical information that was delivered engagingly – making it easy to follow along and with plenty of takeaway opportunities to work on. Shona is an expert in her field, and I found myself wanting to learn more after her presentation. She is a true professional, thoroughly knowledgeable about her topic, and a fantastic presenter! I would highly recommend Shona for any speaking engagement or 1-on-1 personal development coaching.
Kate Woollard,
Marketing Manager, Jason Windows


“Shona Rowan has kindly provided coaching services to my direct reports now for over 2 years. Her considered and insightful approach has resulted in significant developmental improvements across the team that she coached, highlighting a number of key areas for development as well as encouraging a greater emphasis on areas where the behaviours were already present but not fully implemented. The development of the team has been very impressive, with even skeptical members becoming fully engaged with the coaching and realising the benefits both to themselves and to the broader team. I highly recommend Shona to anyone looking for professional business coaching!”
Jim Richardson,
General Manager, ATCO

Bank ABC

“Shona has delivered three thought provoking and inspirational sessions to our European based bank, firstly face to face in London and thereafter remotely from Perth. Her inclusive delivery style engaged all attendees, as she encouraged us to think strategically and to take responsibility for our own development and career progression. Shona tailors the sessions to achieve our company goals and she has such amazing energy in the sessions! Bank ABC would highly recommend Shona to others.”
Karen Davies,
Bank ABC

Women in Transport

“Shona delivered a thoroughly motivating and uplifting webinar on how to ‘Future Proof Your Career’! It provided a much-welcomed confidence boost and asked participants to really dig deep and think about their own personal brand and mindset. I would highly recommend Shona for future webinars!”
Sarah Wixey,
Women in Transport

University of Western Australia

“Shona Rowan is a peak performance consultant whom I regularly engage with to assist the development of UWAs MBA corporate professionals. Shona is a highly engaging speaker who interacts effortless with a diverse group of professionals, all seeking to enhance their professional footprint and accelerate their careers. We have found Shona’s workshop to be highly practical, relevant and really targeted at driving self-awareness. I highly recommended Shona to any organization keen to propel their people forward.”
Tracey-Ann Mc Clurg,
MBA Career Services

“Thanks again for a great session Shona! I took a lot away from it, not only from the content but also from your presentation style and your own attitude and mindset. As someone with a strong interest in management consulting, and still toying with the idea of starting my own consulting business on the side while I finish my MBA, it’s great to watch a master at work.”
Dave Warby,
MBA Student, University of Western Australia


“It was a pleasure to work with Shona and I got so much out of our coaching sessions! Shona is a well of information in relation to practical ways to develop your potential and play to your strengths. She has given me many helpful tools to grow my profile and leverage opportunities. I’ve confidently recommended her to my friends and received so much great feedback. Thanks, Shona!”
Belinda Wong,
Senior Associate, Corrs


Shona’s in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing senior women in business, and the relaxed, authentic way she delivers her workshops, are the key to her success. Shona’s workshops are always well planned, full of insights, interactive and engaging. She’s flexible in her approach to delivery and always tailors her sessions to suit the audience. Whether I am taking part in Shona’s workshop on Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism or hearing her speak about the Psychology of Successful Women, I always come away from Shona’s sessions feeling energised, inspired and equipped with strategies for success.
Bridget Banton
Attendee at Lockton London

Women in Subsea Engineering

“I met Shona during her Positive Psychology for Women presentation at the Women in Subsea Engineering: Get Wiser lunchtime series. She is a powerful motivational speaker! Her words of wisdom resonated with me and over the past month I’ve really noticed positive changes in my work performance and confidence. Would highly recommend Shona if you wish to create positive change for women in your workplace”.
Victoria Hann
Geotechnical Engineer, Member of Women in Subsea Engineering


“Shona and her workshops are so inspiring that it’s infectious. Many of the lessons learned can be applied to both your work life, but also your home life. Attending her workshops has taken me to a whole new level of self-awareness.”
Mary Fryer-Stevens
Business Improvement Consultant

“Shona’s history with BT as a performance coach led to the BT Women’s Network booking Shona for a high-profile event with 40 executive women. This event received outstanding feedback, encouraging and motivating every attendee and raising the profile of the Women’s Network considerably. I was so impressed with the feedback and Shona’s evident insight and experience I’ve booked her for an even larger follow up event – and have already sold out!”
Jessica Price
Professional Services

Direct Line Group

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for yesterday morning’s session at the DLG graduate event. Your session was great, very energizing, useful and inspiring, and a great way to break the ice with some of my future colleagues! Looking forward to future workshops.”
Stephanie Pansar
Strategy Associate

Leading Edge (IGD Academy)

“Thank you so much to Shona for delivering a “Psychology of Successful Women” webinar for us. It broke our records for registration and attendance, with over 160 women logging into view the live session! Shona is an outstanding speaker with in depth knowledge of her subject, supported by real life experience and I would highly recommend her and her work.”
Lorraine Shingler
Leading Edge (IGD Academy)

Curtin University

“Thank you for the entertaining and informative Peak Performance workshop you gave at Curtin Business School this week. The staff and students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and found it not only useful but also very practical. The fact that the workshop was booked out several days before the event, and that was after the venue was changed to a bigger one because of increased interest, was evidence of the relevance of the topic to many young people today. It also showed that your reputation as an amazing corporate coach had preceded you. Your enthusiasm and energy captured the audience and your own story inspired many of the audience to revive their own entrepreneurial ambitions.”
Liz Prendergast Jones
Manager, cbsplus – Professional Leadership Program

Bird & Bird

“Shona worked with us recently to launch our program of seminars to support women. Shona’s seminar on “The Psychology of Success” was very well attended and created a huge buzz in the room. I was so pleased with the positive feedback we received for the event, as it has led the way for future seminars. I found Shona very engaging to work with and her enthusiasm for this topic is very contagious! I look forward to working with Shona further in the near future. Some of the comments we received from attendees included:
‘This was the most valuable session I have attended at Bird & Bird
A fantastic empowering session that made me feel motivated. Some great strategies.’”
Laura Houston
CR & HR Projects Manager, Bird & Bird, London

Shell International

“Shona is a great speaker and I am lucky to have worked with her on a series of three interactive webinars for Shell Netherlands. We had an amazing response for each session with overall 400+ people participating in the calls! Shona is a very inspirational and knowledgeable speaker who really knows how to help people maximize their professional success.”
Nora Nemes Heffler


“I invited Shona to run a session with a team of International Consulting Managers during a conference in London. She customized a session for me based entirely on my requirements and needs, and delivered it to the audience with more pizzazz and energy than I could ever have asked for. She has a great ability to engage people through making them laugh, making them recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and putting focus on simple things that we can each control in order to change for the better. The feedback on the session was overwhelmingly positive and not only did everyone learn something new, but they also had lots of fun doing it. I would highly recommend Shona to every team and organization that wants to maximise their performance.”
Anja Hatlestad
Director of Consulting

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Shona Rowan is an international High-Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author.  She has over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, leading professional service firms, entrepreneurs, business owners and career-minded individuals to maximise their performance and accelerate success.

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